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Covid-19 Rentals

Sinclair Park is pleased to be able to offer our Gymnasium for rentals. It is perfect for every type of event you can imagine. The space makes it perfect for children's parties of all sizes, and the 500 person capacity provides a fantastic space for your larger events as well. The Gymnasium may be rented with or without use of the kitchen.


The rental rate for the gym is dependent on whether or not the renter requires access to the kitchen space. The cost to rent the space without the kitchen is $50.00/hr, and the price with the kitchen is $60.00/hr. Both rates are subject to GST. 

All private functions do have a cleanup fee associated with them. This fee is based upon the number of people in attendance at the event, and include a set number of tables and chairs. Please note that due to liability concerns, there is no option for rentals to do their own setup or cleanup. The rates are as follows:

50 People or Less: $50.00, max of 10 tables and 50 chairs

50 – 90 Guests - $75.00, max of 17 tables and 90 chairs

100 – 140 Guests - $100.00, max of 21 tables and 140 chairs

150 – 190 Guests - $125.00, max of 26 tables and 190 chairs

200 – 240 Guests - $150.00, max of 33 tables and 240 chairs

250 – 290 Guests - $175.00, max of 39 tables and 290 chairs

300 – 340 Guests - $200.00, max of 44 tables and 340 chairs – At this point, large bouncers cannot fit into the space

350 – 390 Guests - $225.00, max of 50 tables and 390 chairs – At this point, no bouncers fit into the space

400 – 440 Guests - $250.00, max of 55 tables and 440 chairs

450 – 500 Guests - $275.00, max of 55 tables and 500 chairs

Please Note: All guests must have a seat available at your event. You cannot book the space for fewer guests than will be in attendance.



Anyone found attempting to do this will be charged the rate for a full social.



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