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Sports and Open Gym Updates

We wanted to give everyone some more updates on what Sinclair Park is doing for our sports parents, renters, and open gym participants.This post covers sports and open gym, and there will be an additional post for our renters.

Sports Parents:

All of the cheques for mini soccer refunds have been sent out. If you have not yet received your cheque, please contact Shannon at Regarding Baseball, the NWMBA still has the season on hold, but has not yet cancelled it. We are waiting on more information from them at this point. We wish that we had more information for you regarding baseball, but we are passing along all of the information that we are receiving.

Open Gym:

We are getting a lot of calls about open gym. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we will be able to have open gym for several months, at this point. Indoor recreational facilities cannot open until Stage Four of the Province's reopening plans. Stage One started on Monday, and Stage Two won't start until June 1st, at the earliest. By this timeline, the earliest possible date that Sinclair Park will be able to open for open gym will be in August. We want the gym to be open as much as you guys do, but we have to follow the laws that the Province of Manitoba is setting out for us to follow. We're sorry to say this, but we have at least three months to go before we can run open gym, if not more. If we are able to open sooner, we will absolutely look at doing so, but please be prepared for it to take a very long time for us to be able to reopen. This isn't our choice, but we need to make sure that our staff and facility users stay safe and healthy right now.

We know that these updates aren't really what people want to hear right now. We are doing the best that we can for our community, especially given the lack of information that we have been provided with. There will be a second post going up about a couple of small changes to the rental refund policy.

Thank you all for understanding that most of this isn't our choice right now. ~SPCC~


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