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Autumn Updates!

We just wanted to post some updates for the upcoming autumn season! Some are fun, others are not, but we wanted to spread the word! Firstly, Sinclair Park is hiring! We are looking to add at least one, and possibly two, new members to our team! We are looking for workers who are over the age of 18, and are interested in earning above minimum wage! We are currently looking for one position, but we would be willing to split it into two positions for the right candidates. We are looking for workers who can work Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as weekends. Our wages start at a minimum of $2.00 above minimum wage, after training is completed. If you think that this might be the job for you, please feel free to email a resume to us at Secondly, we wanted to let everyone know that we currently have ONE (1) available space for a long term gym rental! The available time slot is from 7:30 - 9:30 PM on Monday evenings. The space is available for either a three-month block (Sept - Nov), or a school year block (Sept - June). If this is something that you're interested in, please let us know by emailing

Over the past few months, we've heard everyone's concerns about the MPR not being able to use the kitchen in December, and we've also heard the concerns from groups who are unable to book the kitchen because it is already in use. Sinclair Park is pleased to now be able to offer access to a fridge/freezer combo for use in the MPR! The cost to rent the fridge/freezer is $30.00, and that is a flat cost for your entire rental. We know that we cannot offer another kitchen, but we can offer a way to keep your drinks cold and your ice cream frozen! In recent weeks, we have been inundated with phone calls and emails regarding weddings and wedding socials! We are absolutely thrilled at the number of people who have trusted us with some of the most important moments in their lives. We feel truly honored and humbled by your belief in us. That being said, the number of requests we have already had has left us with very, very few available dates for the first half of 2024. If you are interested in booking your wedding or social at Sinclair Park, please do not wait on your inquiry! We wish that we could host everyone's events at Sinclair Park, but a lack of staff has necessitated us only doing one social per weekend, and not back-to-back ones. We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience that we know this must cause, and we hope to get back to being able to offer back-to-back socials in the future! Finally, and much less fun, the minimum wage increase in October is necessitating us tinkering with the rental rates. We understand that inflation is biting families pretty hard, so we did not want to raise our base rental rate. We have decided to keep base rates where they are but, as of September 1st, the cost of renting the kitchen will rise from $10.00 per hour to $15.00 per hour. Adding the kitchen to your rental is always optional, and changing this price allows us to continue to pay our staff a fair wage, while not forcing our rentals to pay a higher price if their budget does not allow for it. We have tried to find a way to meet in the middle! Rentals are how we pay our staff their wages, and we try to keep them at a living wage. We also understand that families need to ensure that they are not pinched, in order to host their events. We do apologize for this change, but we have tried to minimize the impact that families will feel. We hope that this covers most of the happenings around Sinclair Park as we head towards fall!


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