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Extras and Add-ons

Sinclair Park is pleased to be able to offer a number of add-ons to your rental. These include extra spaces, sound equipment, bartenders, and everything that you might need to put the finishing touches on your event. Please note that all of these add ons must be rented in conjunction with a party or other event, and cannot be taken off site. No exceptions will be made.

Commons Area

Sinclair Park does not currently rent out the Commons as a stand alone room. However, it can be rented out in conjunction with either the Gym or the MPR.

Adding the Commons to a rental amounts to an extra $20.00/hr, with a cleaning fee that is charged based on what the space is being used for.

If no seating is required, the cleaning fee is $25.00 and allows access to up to 6 tables.

If seating is required, the cleaning fee is $50.00 and allows for up to 12 tables and 80 chairs.

Please contact us to inquire about availability, as this space is only available on a conditional basis, and availability is subject to the other spaces in use at the time.


Sinclair Park is pleased to be able to offer our own in house Nerf Wars equipment for you to use at your next party!

The cost for the rental is $75.00 and provides you with the weapons, ammo, eye goggles and barricades, as well as up to two hours of play time. We have supplies for up to 20 players.

Dart-N-Round rentals must coincide with a rental of the gymnasium, as the other rooms do not have adequate space for this activity. The maximum number of people in the space during one of these events is 90.

Rentals must end at least half an hour before the end of your event, and if you choose to utilize the full gymnasium, food cannot be served until after the games are done.

Board Room

Sinclair Park's Board Room serves as a cozy space for smaller meetings. The room has a maximum capacity of 20 people and there are a number of layouts available for your tables and chairs to ensure that your meeting goes as smoothly as possible! This space can also be rented as a private space in conjunction with another rental.

The rental rate for the board room is $20.00/hr, plus a flat rate $25.00 cleaning fee. It is not possible to add kitchen access to a Board Room rental.

Please note that the Board Room cannot be rented as a party room.

Projector and Sound System

Sinclair Park does offer the option of renting either a projector and/or a sound system for use at your event.

The cost for renting this equipment is $30.00 each for the entire duration of your event. You are welcome to rent one piece of equipment or both. Rentals can add both pieces of equipment for $50.00.

Please note that we do require a credit card number on file for rentals of the projector or sound system, or alternately a $100.00 cash deposit that is returned at the close of your event.

Sports Equipment

Sinclair Park does have a limited amount of sport equipment and children's toys to offer for rental at your event!

If your party is in the gym, we do have basketballs, dodgeballs and other sporting equipment available. Please note that we do not have floor hockey available.

If your party is in the MPR or is a party for young children, you have the option of utilizing our parachutes, hula hoops, and foam balls.

While these items can be used at no cost, they must be booked in advance, and cannot be requested on the day of your event. 

Liquor Service

We at Sinclair Park know that there are certain events where the renter may wish to serve alcohol, including wine, beer, liquor, etc. While Sinclair Park does allow events to bring liquor, there are certain rules and costs to this.

The renter will be responsible for obtaining their liquor permit from the LGCA in advance of their event. There is also a $25.00 charge per hour, per bartender. The LGCA dictates that there must be one bartender for every 100 guests, so please keep that in mind when asking about alcohol. Additionally, if your event is being held in our MPR, you must have access to the kitchen to be able to serve alcohol.

Please note: Sinclair Park will not serve alcohol at 18th Birthday Parties.

Snow Cone Machine

Sinclair Park is pleased to be able offer rental of our new, commercial grade Snow Cone Machine! Rental of the snow cone machine is $50.00, and comes with up to two flavourings. Ice must be supplied by the renter, unless the renter has also booked the kitchen. In that case, the renter may use the ice from the supplied ice machine.

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