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Gym Rentals

Sinclair Park is pleased to be able to offer our Gymnasium for rentals. It is perfect for every type of event you can imagine. The size of the space makes it perfect for children's parties of all sizes!

The rental rate for the gym is dependent on whether or not the renter requires access to the kitchen space. The cost to rent the space without the kitchen is $60.00/hr, and the price with the kitchen is $75.00/hr. Both rates are subject to GST. There is an additional cleaning fee, which is based on the number of guests that you are planning on attending your event.

All private functions do have a cleanup fee associated with them. This fee is based upon the number of people in attendance at the event, and include a set number of tables and chairs. The fee covers the cost of our staff doing all of the setup and teardown of your tables and chairs, all of the sweeping and mopping after your event, half an hour of decorating time before your event, and half an hour of cleaning time after your event. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a flat rate fee! This fee is ADDITIONAL to your hourly rental rate.

Please note that due to liability concerns, there is no option for rentals to do their own setup or cleanup. The rates are as follows:

90 People or Less: $125.00, max of 17 tables and 90 chairs

100 – 140 Guests - $150.00, max of 21 tables and 140 chairs

150 – 190 Guests - $175.00, max of 26 tables and 190 chairs

200 – 240 Guests - $200.00, max of 33 tables and 240 chairs

250 – 290 Guests - $225.00, max of 39 tables and 290 chairs

300 – 340 Guests - $250.00, max of 44 tables and 340 chairs – At this point, large bouncers cannot fit into the space

350 – 390 Guests - $275.00, max of 50 tables and 390 chairs – At this point, no bouncers fit into the space

400 – 440 Guests - $300.00, max of 55 tables and 440 chairs

450 – 500 Guests - $325.00, max of 55 tables and 500 chairs

Please Note: All guests must have a seat available at your event. You cannot book the space for fewer guests than will be in attendance.



Anyone found attempting to do this will be charged the rate for a full social.



Rental Availability Calendar Guidelines


1) This calendar does not update automatically, and is manually updated daily on weekdays, while weekend bookings are updated on Monday afternoons. 


2) If you are interested in renting the hall, you may call us at 204-586-8275 or email us using the contact form. 


3) Please be aware that dates are not considered held until you have received confirmation from the Sinclair Park staff. This applies to both emails and voicemail messages. Once a hold is confirmed, you must contact Sinclair Park within 72 hours to pay your deposit for the hall. If the deposit is not paid within 72 hours, the date will become available to all again.


4) Please note that all dates are held on a first come, first served basis. This means that, should we receive multiple requests for the same date, the first inquiry will be given precedence. Please remember that dates are not held without confirmation from a staff member.

5) We do not rent typically rent the gym space out more than one calendar year in advance. All rentals must take place within the next twelve months. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes, but we do need to ensure that we are accounting for possible price increases to our rentals. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, and will typically be allowed for larger events, such as weddings.


If a date is completely booked, it will he highlighted in black: FULLY BOOKED

Building closures will be marked.



Please note: The calendar shows the spaces that are available, NOT the spaces that are booked!

On the mobile page, please click on the coloured dots to expand the information on the space available.

Click here to scroll through months.

Please Contact Us!

Thanks! Message sent.

Before you hit submit on a request, please make sure you have not selected a time that is between 3 and 5 PM. We do not book out the hours between 3 and 5, including for requests such as 1 - 4, 2 - 5, 3 - 6, 4 - 8, etc. We will never be able to accommodate requests for any rentals that require any amount of time between 3 and 5 PM.

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