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Sports Rentals

Sinclair Park is pleased to be able to offer our Gymnasium for sports rentals. Our regulation sized court is perfect for sports such as basketball, volleyball or indoor soccer.

The current cost to rent the space for sporting events is $50.00/hr, plus GST, and the space is in two hour time blocks. 


Please note that food and drinks are not allowed in the gymnasium with the exception of water bottles with sealable lids. Sports rentals that are intending on having food or snacks along with the event, such as church sports days, must also rent the Commons area, and renters are responsible for all fees associated with the rental.

Birthday parties that are intending on playing sports at them must rent the space as a party rental and not as a sports rental. Sports rentals do not have access to tables for seating, gifts, food, etc.

We recognize that many groups will wish to play more than one type of sport during their rental time. The renter must make Sinclair Park aware of the sports that they will be playing, and those groups wishing to play volleyball must do so either at the beginning of their rental time, or at the end. This is due to the logistics of moving the poles around.

We wish for all sports rentals to be aware that renting the gym space from Sinclair Park does not mean that Sinclair Park provides the equipment for your activities. The only equipment that we are able to provide are the volleyball standards and the net for full court volleyball, and the standards for badminton, although we do not have badminton nets. All other equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, badminton rackets/birdies, etc.) must be supplied by the renter.



Sinclair Park does NOT offer sports rentals on weekends. We will NOT be able to accommodate requests for Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

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