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December Rental Policies

We just wanted to put this post up for all of our prospective December rentals! We know, it seems early to be mentioning December at all, but it's coming quicker than you would think. Our phones have been ringing off the hook about December parties over the past week, so the time has come.

We do have some policies for December that are slightly different than our normal rental policies. These include different capacity restrictions on spaces, and different time requirements. We have decided to list these restrictions for you here, so that you can make appropriate decisions about the space you are inquiring about!

Please Note: None of these policies apply to dates/times other than Saturday/Sunday mornings, and Friday/Saturday/Sunday evenings. Weekdays and Friday mornings are exempt.


- Maximum of 100 Guests (50 for Children's Birthday Parties).

- Minimum of 4 hour rental time (5 hours on Saturday evenings).

- Kitchen access is only available if alcohol is being served.

- Parties cannot have live bands in the space under any circumstances.

- Photo booths are only allowed for parties of under 80 guests.


- Minimum of 150 guests (200 on Saturday evenings).

- Minimum of 4 hour rental time (5 hours on Saturday evenings).

- Kitchen access is optional.

If anyone is interested in booking their Christmas party at Sinclair Park, please visit our website at to view our available spaces!

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