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Hall Rental Cancellations

We have had many events contacting us about what the news means for their parties. As of right now, Sinclair Park has no intentions of cancelling anyone's parties or events. The only scenarios in which this would happen are if the government (either Federal, Provincial or Municipal) sets a LEGALLY MANDATED limit on the number of guests that can be in attendance at an event, or if our staff become ill. Outside of those two cases, we cannot foresee us cancelling any of your events on you. In the unlikely event that this does occur, renters will have the option of either cancelling their event with a full refund, or transferring their deposit to a new date.

We also understand that there are event hosts out there who do not feel comfortable hosting their events for a number of reasons, including concern for the health of their guests, and concerns over a lack of attendance at the events. If events are choosing not to have their events, there are also two options for you. As with forced cancellations, we can find a new date for your event and transfer your deposit, or you can choose to cancel the event, although the deposit would not be refundable in this case.

Please Note: The current stance from the provincial government is that they are recommending against gatherings of over a certain number of people. This is only a recommendation at this point, and not a mandate. Until it is legally mandated, event deposits cannot be refunded in the event of a cancellation.

We understand that the virus is making life extremely difficult for many people. We want to try and help as much as we can. Events that need to move their dates are advised to contact Shannon at either 204-586-8275 or We have very limited availability right now, so please let us know as soon as possible so that we can secure you a new date.

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