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More City of Winnipeg Announcement Clarifications

Happy Monday to everyone!

We hope that everyone has managed to stay healthy and safe thus far. We did just need to pop in to ease some concerns over measures implemented by the City of Winnipeg.

We have received a lot of calls and emails from events, and everyone is concerned about how the City of Winnipeg's declaration that it will not be issuing permits until July 2020 will affect their events. The short answer is that it won't. If your event is happening inside an independently run Community Centre, you will never require a permit from the City to run the event, regardless of what kind of event it is. Your event might be blockaded by the Province's limit on the number of guests that can attend an event, but the news that the City is not issuing permits will have no bearing on your event.

When the City talks about not issuing permits, they are primarily referring to outdoor space, and City-run leisure centers. This means that you will not be able to get a rental permit to have a BBQ at Kildonan Park any time soon, or a baby shower at a City-run leisure center like Sgt. Tommy Prince Place. You also wouldn't get a permit to have an outdoor birthday party on our outdoor fields, since they are controlled by the City. It might have an effect on sports, but we do not know yet. What it will not affect is your ability to run an event booked inside an independently run Community Centre, as we are.

We just want our events to rest assured that the changes from the City of Winnipeg will not change your ability to have your events in May or June. We do not know what the Province will mandate in the future, but the City of Winnipeg permit changes do not affect Sinclair Park Community Centre, nor any other independently operated Centre.


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