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Wedding Social Updates

We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of interest from people interested in hosting their wedding social at Sinclair Park. While we are extremely flattered, and feel that this is an excellent thing, we felt that it would be a good idea to provide prospective renters with a few notes about wedding socials at Sinclair Park.

  1. Our venue fills up extremely quickly. We are booking the space out for socials as far in advance as autumn of 2024, at this point. We do still have plenty of space in 2024, but what we do NOT have are any remaining dates in 2023. We know that there are many people still looking for 2023 wedding socials, but we are completely out of space. While we wish that we could host everyone's wedding socials, it's just not possible for us to do.

  2. While we offer socials for eleven months out of the year, we do NOT offer wedding socials during the month of December. We understand the desire to have a Christmas social, but we are jam-packed with Christmas parties as it is. We simply do not have the available staff to run wedding socials during December.

  3. Sinclair Park does offer other types of events, besides wedding socials. The reason that we mention this, is because it means that all events are competing for the same space. Since wedding socials require full use of the facility, we cannot rent the space out for a wedding social if another event is taking place on the same day. Additionally, we do not reserve space specifically for wedding socials in advance. For this reason, we absolutely advise booking your desired date early!

  4. We do offer a number of different social packages, based on the number of guests that will be in attendance at the event. We strive to be able to offer packages for all groups. Wedding socials aren't just about having a fantastic party. They're also about making money for the wedding! That being said, our smallest package is for 250 guests. If you are looking for a 75, 100, or 150 person wedding social, we are probably not the venue for you. We can recommend a lot of fantastic social halls that would suit your smaller event, but we do not offer packages that are that small.

We hope that this answers some of the really common questions that we have been getting about socials! The one that we really want to impress upon people is the fact that 2023 is FULLY booked. We know that there are still nine months of the year left, but we simply do not have more dates to offer. If you are interested in having a social with us in 2024, we highly advocate for booking early. We want you to be able to have your event on your desired date, but once the dates are gone, they're gone!


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