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Day Camp Updates

We have had a lot of inquiries on whether or not we will be running a day camp this year, and we figured that it would be easier on parents if we made a general post about the status of day camp.

As of right now, May 8th, we would not be able to run a day camp this summer. The only day camps that are currently allowed to operate are ones that are 100% outdoors, and have no more than 16 children in attendance. Additionally, the staff would need to ensure that all children were at least six feet away from each other at all times, and that just isn't viable when the campers are ages 6 - 12.

Now, if the Province of Manitoba changes the guidelines on how day camps can run, we will absolutely reevaluate our plans. We were incredibly excited for our day camp this summer! We still want to run it if it becomes possible. What we cannot do right now is guarantee that the camp will run. That is unfair to the parents and the children who register for it.

If it turns out that we can run the day camp this summer, we will absolutely let parents know as soon as possible. For right now though, please understand that we physically do not have the ability to run a day camp. If the rules remain the same as they are now, there will be no day camp this summer. All we can hope for is that the Province is able to relax some of the restrictions on things like camps.

We desperately want to run our day camp this summer, but right now it looks like it will not be a possibility, and we wanted to make sure that the parents were prepared for that, should worst come to worst.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of the parents. We wish that we could have more information to provide you, and we will give updates as soon as we do have that information.


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