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Craft Sale Concerns

Good afternoon to all,

We have had a number of people reach out to us about the craft sale that we are hosting on November 14th. We appreciate your concerns, and we want you all to know that we are hosting this craft sale in accordance with the restrictions set forth by the Province of Manitoba. Their newest legislation for Code Red, released on November 2nd, specifically states that Community Centres may open for such activities as are outlined in the document. This includes craft/vendor sales, which must operate under the current restrictions for retail spaces, as well as dance classes, which operate under a specific set of restrictions.

We will have many precautions in place for the craft sale. We will be taking names and contact information at the door, and anyone who cannot pass the Province of Manitoba's screening criteria will not be able to enter the facility. Additionally, anyone who has travelled outside of the province in the past two weeks will be unable to enter. Masks will be mandatory at all times, for vendors and shoppers. Sanitizer will be provided at the main entrance, and there are restrictions on the number of shoppers that can be in the space at one time. We can have up to 25% of our maximum capacity, which limits the number of shoppers that we may have in the space at any one time. Our staff will be keeping close track of these numbers at the door. Shopping areas will all flow in one direction, and all shoppers will leave the facility through a different door than they enter from. Another staff member will be monitoring the number of guests that leave the space, and we will not allow more shoppers into the space until people have left.

We do appreciate the concerns of every single person that has reached out to us. Please rest assured that we are operating within the restrictions laid out by the Province of Manitoba, and that we will be taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of our staff, vendors, and shoppers at the sale. We have attached a screenshot of the exact passage that lays out that community centres may open for certain activities as laid out in the document. We know that the province does not make it easy for the public to access this information, and it leads to a lot of questions about what is and is not legal to do under these restrictions. Please rest assured that we will not flout the law for any reason, and everything we do is done with the utmost concern for every person who passes through our doors.


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